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Dr. Prugger has many years of expertise in the following areas of law:

Copyright and Copyright Contract Law

Advice and representation of authors and exploiters in the fields of film and television, photography, digital media, music, graphics, painting, publishing and press publications, publications of all kinds for freelancers, employees, employers, agencies, publishers, production and sales companies

Comprehensive expertise in the negotiation and drafting of contracts (author directing, and production) for film and television (cinema, streaming, advertising, dubbing).  Enforcement of contractual and legal claims (incl. collective copywrite law & common remuneration rules) and law on the collecting societies.

Advice and negotiation of international contracts (directing, script, co-production).

Enforcement or defense of claims in court.

Trademarks and Copyright Protection

Advice on the specific design of a brand (e.g. word mark or word / picture mark).

Research of the brand environment to avoid collisions with existing brands, development of a brand strategy.

Trademark registration at the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Trademark Office, Alicante, or the WIPO and Geneva (international trademark protection).

Representation in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the trademark offices, extrajudicial warning cases or judicial proceedings (interim injunction proceedings, enforcement or defense against injunctive relief and claims for damages). Delimitation agreements, monitoring of protection periods, transfer of existing trademarks

Title and name protection for book and screenplay, event, show or company name.

Press and Freedom of Speech

Advice on all declarations and communications in all media: press releases, image and text reporting (print and digital media).

Enforcement or defense of injunctive relief, revocation and claims for damages.

Corporate and Contract Law (including general terms and conditions)

Advice and representation of small and medium-sized companies (all types of companies such as GmbH, UG, GbR, eK, sole proprietorship) from their establishment to the structuring of business processes, the drafting of contracts with suppliers, contractual partners and employees, the development and implementation of the sales strategy to the design of general Terms and Conditions.

Employee training

Advice on concluding, changing or terminating commercial leases or insurance contracts.

Advice and representation in company acquisitions and sales.

Advice and representation in commercial tenancy law, in insurance and damage cases.

Extrajudicial and judicial enforcement or defense against claims.

Many years of experience in (international) product sales and in drafting marketing contracts.

Employment Law

Legal advice and representation for employees and employers in all questions of contract and remuneration, and (contract) termination:

Severance pay, termination and settlement agreements, warnings, company pension law (BetrAVG), short-time work, leave of absence, ordinary and regular termination without notice, amendment contracts and amendment termination, liability, home office, dismissal protection and indefinite actions, social security and tax law issues, temporary work, mini and midi -Job, transfer / implementation, balance of interests and social plan, part-time arrangements, parental leave, vacation, profit and turnover sharing, bonuses, target agreements.

Advice on collective labor law (collective agreements, works agreements, industrial disputes).
Legal representation before the labor courts.
Correspondence with legal protection insurance companies.

Service Contract Law and the Law of Freelancers

Drafting management contracts, so-called freelance contracts (freelancers, contracts for work and services) and commercial agency contracts.

Advice on questions of false self-employment (risk assessment, voluntary disclosure).

Legal representation before authorities (status determination procedure at the German Federal Pension Insurance Association) and social courts.

Inheritance Law

Advice on drafting wills.

Examination of wills and testamentary dispositions (legacy, etc.).

Applications and proceedings for certificates of inheritance as well as actions for payment and declaratory judgment.

Civil and Procedural Law

Debt collection for entrepreneurs and consumers (for or against parties in EU and non-EU countries), foreclosure, filing of claims and representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings.

Defense of claims (also against insolvency administrators).

Advice to associations and members (association law).